In 1975  WYSP program director Sonny Fox hired Bob Leonard  and created the first two man 
morning show in album rock radio history.  He felt that listeners needed to start their day 
with a laugh.  After the 'Fox & Leonard' show quickly shot to the top of the ratings, and 
bumped off long time favorite WMMR, Sonny then decided to further explore the idea 
of comedy on the radio by creating 'The Comedy Hour'.  The show  featured non-stop standup 
by the biggest names in comedy at that time, and by 1976 it was being heard on over 100 radio 
stations across the country. In 1979 Sonny decided he'd had enough of the business side 
of radio and moved to Miami to be just a ''DJ'' and concentrate on making people laugh.  

  In 2001, after 22 years of being South Florida's most successful morning man, 
Sonny got a call from Lee Abrams who asked him if he would be interested in  coming 
to XM. As a result, Sonny has been programming both comedy channels for the last six years. 

It's the most listened to non-music channel on XM with over three million people 
listening to Sonny every week and now, thirty years after it first aired, 
'The Original Comedy Hour' is being made available for terrestrial
radio stations again.  And, like the slogan says, ''It 's back and better than ever''. 

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